10 tips from a residential architect to avoid home remodeling disasters Tip #1

This series will identify and address common mistakes made when planning and implementing a home remodeling project.  We will discuss alternate approaches that not only avoid costly mistakes, but ensure that you wind up with the home of your dreams. Tip #1:  Failing to plan is planning to fail:  Have a master plan! Ready, Shoot, […] read more

5 Tips When Choosing an Architect

There are many things to consider when selecting an architect for your custom home project whether it be for a new home or renovation.  Here are 5 thoughts to consider when interviewing the 1.  Look at the architect’s portfolio and determine if you like the type of work they produce.  Good architects will capture their […] read more

The Power of Natural Light

feat-img What is it about natural light that makes us feel so good. There is something magical when a home can capture the light and carefully funnel it into the space. It quite literally makes us feel better. It is absolutely critical to study each and every space that is created in a home to understand […] read more