10 tips from a residential architect to avoid home remodeling disasters Tip #1

This series will identify and address common mistakes made when planning and implementing a home remodeling project.  We will discuss alternate approaches that not only avoid costly mistakes, but ensure that you wind up with the home of your dreams.

Tip #1:  Failing to plan is planning to fail:  Have a master plan!


Ready, Shoot, Aim:

People tend to focus on the immediate without considering the long term vision for their home.  Most people complete renovations to their homes in multiple phases as their lives and resources allow.  For example if someone is moving forward with a kitchen renovation, they will focus on the kitchen and all the elements to be considered for that area.  Then a few years later, they decide to move forward with a great room expansion only to realize that their new kitchen layout needs to be altered to make everything come together.  They end up wasting money to make alterations or even worse, living with an inadequate design.  They have not thought through a long term vision for their home.

Front of Home

A better approach:

We talk with our clients about having a master plan for their home.  We develop schematic drawings that show what the house can eventually become.  It is a BIG vision and usually involves multiple phases.  Understanding the end goal, it is easy to divide the work into manageable phases while having the peace of mind that you are working toward a final vision.  Having a master plan, you can rest assured that each implemented phase is building toward the home of your dreams and will maximize your investment.


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