The Power of Natural Light

Stairs and FoyerWhat is it about natural light that makes us feel so good. There is something magical when a home can capture the light and carefully funnel it into the space. It quite literally makes us feel better. It is absolutely critical to study each and every space that is created in a home to understand its connection to the outside. The most successful homes expand the living spaces through the walls and seamlessly connect you to the outside. We call it blurring the lines between inside and out.
When the site allows, we like to focus on designing the home to be shallower from front to back. This allows more light to reach the middle of the home. This avoids that dark area that so many homes have in the center.
Dynamic natural lighting is truly the most powerful way to create an inspirational space.

One Response to “The Power of Natural Light”

  1. Peter says:

    I like how much attention to detail you have when designing a house.