Communication between you and us is absolutely critical in the creation of your home.  The are a multitude of decisions and discussions that will play a part in the design of the home and we ensure that no idea gets left behind.  You can track the status of your project at any point and see exactly what is happening and when.  Ultimately, this high level of communication leads to a home that will truly inspire your life.

 Your Project Blog:  We utilize the latest technology for coordination and scheduling of a project.  The project blog is published to the web and allows interaction (like familiar social media) so that discussions can be documented and to ensure that no idea gets left behind.

i. Project related e-mails in one place
ii. Web Links
iii. Scheduling and status updates
iv. Released Drawings

Project Schedule

i. Continually updated and reviewed to ensure that everyone is up to date

 3D Visualization

Understanding how the architectural drawings will translate into a real 3 dimensional home can be difficult for even the most experienced person.  It is critical that you understand what your home will look and feel like before it is sitting there finished.  We have invested in the industry’s leading and most advanced software packages including Autodesk Revit to allow you to fully experience what your home will look like and to ensure that those images that we review is what actually gets built.